Reisebloggen til Svein Erik, Monica, Emilie & Karoline




Sun, Beach, Pool, Drinks  

As the header tells you, I`m not in Norway anymore! Right now I`m on an Internet cafe in Chania, Crete.
We`re staying at a really nice hotel (with air-condition, a must!!) in Agia Marina, about 20 minutes with the local bus from Chania. After 2 days on the beach, I`ve got sunburned on my right shoulder and on my stumach...argh! Well, it`s not too bad actually, so today I have to wear a t-shirt to prevent it from getting `out of hands`.

It`s very hot here, it`s not what you read in the newspaper, 28 degrees, it`s actually 40-42 degrees! But we like it :) we`re going back to Agia Marina with the bus. I hope you have nice weather too!

Signing out, salut from Svein Erik, Monica and Emilie!

I`m going to Crete!  

Yes! The waiting time is finally over, I`m going to Crete tomorrow! :)
I`m really looking forward to relax on the beach, get tanned and drink some piña colada ;)

I`ll try to blog a few entries while I`m there, and maybe update with pictures in the gallery :)

Cya! :)